Do you believe in tarot?

Do you believe in tarot?

I like to think that I am a pretty logical and scientific person, but there is a free tarot portal that I have subscribed to that I sometimes check when I am feeling in need of spiritual guidance. Sometimes, the advice it dispenses is uncannily accurate for my life situations, so I do get some relief reading it from time to time.

Today, as I was dreading the start of another work week, I came across their latest interpretation and read its encouraging message. One particular paragraph made an impression on me:

‘The Star brings you into the time when you will see the light at the end of the tunnel and put the baleful ghosts of the past behind you!

You will accept that there might have been a karmic link between you and a situation, but you will also realize that this karmic link brought challenges to help you grow.’

From where I am right now, I do feel a lot of baleful ghosts around me, haha. I really hope time will fly and that I can be rid of them soon. It is still hard to relax as work is still going on at a relentless pace. The most difficult part is not knowing what my role is or what my team should be doing anymore. Yet, the message brought some hope and cheer to a dreary start to the week. For those who may be going through a tough time now, know that you are not alone! Take heart that this too, will pass. 😊

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