The Joys of Life

The Joys of Life

Trading time for money is something I have gotten used to most of my adult life. As I grow older, I realised this way of working is not going well for me. Yet I have struggled to break free from this mould.

Soon, I will be able to have more free time, at the expense of being able to continue earning an income. I will make use of this time to regain my balance and also focus more on my health, and finding what I most want to do as a career going forward.

Having the space and time to do things I want is a precious thing, so I want to start thinking about what it is I like to do and brings more balance to my life.

Here’s a short list of things that bring me joy:

  • Yoga
  • Talking to my partner and good friends
  • Travelling (and the planning process)
  • Being in nature
  • Reading and reflecting on important topics (I don’t do enough of this!)
  • Enjoying a nice meal
  • Watching J-dramas
  • Going to the fish farm (and observing my pets)
  • Learning new things that I find interesting

Seems like I’m quite a boring person huh? Hopefully I will be able to indulge in the above while I have the free time, and find a way to figure out my next steps while I’m at it.

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