If money is not a concern…

If money is not a concern…

Let’s try a thought experiment – what would you do if money is not a concern?

I pondered about this for a moment, and asked myself what I would do.

For starters, I want to travel! It has been so long since I travelled regularly, to the extent that I may have forgotten the joy of travelling.

I also want to go for a month long yoga retreat, where I can focus on myself and improving my physical and mental well-being. Age is catching up and I feel the signs of aging like poorer eyesight, more white hairs and wrinkles, less strength and stamina. I accept growing old gracefully, but now it feels like I am accelerating the process of degeneration with my current lifestyle. Time for a reset to regain my health and peace of mind.

I want to improve my speaking skills, and learn many new things like data analysis, digital marketing and Japanese. There is so much I want to learn but no time. The irony is when I am jobless, I have lots of time but no money. Yet when I am employed, I have an income but not much time to do the things I want to anymore. It always is a tradeoff.

Spending quality time with friends and loved ones is important too, and having money means we can do anything we like without worrying about the cost.

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