Precious soulmates

Precious soulmates

Do you believe in soulmates? I do, but it seemed like something other people experience, not me. This changed last year when I reconnected with a friend I met online. I had no expectations of online relationships, having tried unsuccessfully to meet people online before. Things never moved beyond casual conversations, and often fizzled out naturally.

We got along really well and started chatting daily. Till then, I had never managed to chat with anyone like this, not even friends I have known for a long time. Talking to this person was interesting and felt natural, although we belonged to different environments and backgrounds. It was pretty amazing when you meet someone you can chat about anything, if you ask me. However, it was not without setbacks and worries. Online scams are pretty common, and I was really worried that the person I was chatting with could be a scammer or dishonest person. The sceptical part of me was fearful and wanted to back away at times.

Looking back now, I am glad I did not. This person has since supported me through various good and bad times, and I am truly grateful. I just want to say thank you, and that I hope we can continue to nurture this wonderful relationship for a long time.

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