Reflections on Long Distance Relationships

Reflections on Long Distance Relationships

My partner and I live in different countries. The story of how we met and got together is pretty amazing, but I’ll save that for another day.

We chat every day, and sometimes for hours on end without getting bored. I love the connection we have, it feels so natural and unlike any other relationship I’ve had with anyone else.

We are very different individuals, and with not much in common on the surface. Yet our way of thinking and life attitudes are complementary, and he inspires me to think differently and accept myself for who I am.

I admire how he is usually cheerful and positive, quite the opposite of my pessimistic self. The way he focuses when something catches his attention is quite charming too, although that usually means I am left to my own devices for a while 😊 On the positive side, he is equally attentive when I am in need of a listening ear, and he remembers little things I say to him casually.

Without his support, I would probably have had a much tougher time trying to cope with some difficult situations in my personal life.

Both of us are glad to have each other for company, and in spite of being miles apart he seems to read my moods as easily as if he were with me.

It may seem like I am bragging so much about him, and maybe I am!

When we first got together, I was very hesitant as I couldn’t see how our relationship will progress. There were some concerns about whether and how we could make various things work. I was also worried if distance would make us drift apart, or perhaps obscure little irritating habits so we end up idealizing each other too much (since physical habits and compatibility are not obvious when you are apart most of the time).

People who know about my relationship usually press to know what is our end goal. The logic is that both parties need to make more of an effort to keep in touch as we are apart, and someone probably needs to relocate to be together over the long term. These are things that, while very valid and practical, I did not (or maybe dare not) think too deeply about yet. I knew these are things we need to address down the road if we intend to make a commitment to each other. However, I was also in a state of personal transition and hence did not have the capacity to contemplate something which might potentially complicate things further.

It is true that these are things that we need to reflect on and discuss, both individually and as a couple. I have enjoyed getting to know him better as a person and I am gratified that he feels the same. For now, I am content to keep the status quo for a bit more, just loving and supporting this wonderful person I now have in my life.

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