What is love

What is love

Can a man and woman be only friends?

Do you want your lover to have you in his heart, and only you?

Should your lover be your best friend?

These were topics that came up in an old drama that I was re-watching. It had been many years since I last watched it, and I do enjoy the nostalgia that came from more carefree, innocent times.

Back then, I was probably ogling the pretty and handsome faces more than thinking about the storyline, haha. I don’t remember the whole plot exactly, but I remember the ending.

It was interesting that the characters in the drama were struggling to come to terms with these questions, and I asked myself what my own answers were.

Out of the 3 questions, I definitely want my lover to be my best friend. Some people are ok to separate love and friendship, but I find it more fun when both are combined.

As for the second question, do I want my lover to only have me in his heart, I would say it depends. Of course, I wish to be the top priority for my partner. However, as he has 2 precious daughters whom he had before he met me, it may not be possible to expect to be the one and only in his heart. As long as I am the only one he cherishes romantically, then I am content.

As for the last question, can a man and a woman only be friends? In my younger days, I might have said no to that. But now that I am more mature, I do think it is possible. In fact, I think I get along better with guys so it would be problematic if the answer was no? If you do not wish to be hit upon, it may be more a matter of being careful not to give others the wrong impression, and to be respectful of each other’s boundaries as friends. In mature relationships, I think our life experiences and more toned down hormones means that not everything is as driven by physical attraction anymore.

Would you agree?

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