It was never my habit to write a journal, whether it is updating a physical diary or maintaining a blog.

Recently, I decided to give it one more try to see if this can help me better process and express my thoughts and introspect on life’s journey.

Maybe having a buddy for inspiration helps sustain motivation, and sharing my thoughts in this manner may serve as a nice reminder of past thoughts and experiences.

Never one who is filled with writing inspiration, ChatGPT has come to my rescue when I asked for ideas on a suitable blog title.

Originally the name that most resonated was findingstillness, but as the .com domain was too expensive, so I reviewed a few other options.

Although the name I eventually settled upon was not what was most appealing at first glance, the name grew on me as Zen principles are what I would like to be reminded of more.

Let me end this post with this reminder:

Thanks for reading my ramblings, and I hope it has benefited someone in some way today.

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